Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Dead gear

Hmm, my Tascam US-428 seems to have died.

It lights up.  It controls MIDI gear with no problem.  My MacBook Pro recognizes it, as do many programs (Logic, Live).  Yet, I get no audio.  I've tried headphones and speakers, all to no avail.  I loaded in new drivers, and went through a variety of settings.

I've even tried running audio into it directly (from my Clavinova), also with no results.  I think the audio card on it must be dead.

Tascam says the model is discontinued, and replaced with the US-144mkII.   Okay, that's a nice device, but it's hardly a replacement.  The US-428 has 8 faders, which makes it look more like a mixer.  The US-144mkII has 4 inputs (like the 428) but two dials control the input volumes.  And, it looks like you switch between "Line In" (guitar/keyboard - 1/4" jack) and XLR input.    So really, it appears to be a two channel input.  It's pretty cheap (Sweetwater has it listed at $149), but nowhere nearly as cool as the 428.

Oh well.

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  1. Ebay to the rescue! For about the same price you're seeing for the 144mkII, you can get your 428 replaced. I saw a least two for sale there just now.