Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Blog shift

I'm moving my blog, from Sequenza21 to my own independent location.  I certainly enjoyed my time there.  Actually, my impetus for the move came from the move away from FTP blogging by Blogger.  It doesn't appear that I'll be able to migrate my old blog away from the Sequenza21 site, so I just decided to start a new one.

And, I'm hoping to find a balance between blogging, Facebook, and Twitter.  I haven't Twitted that much - it's really for short messages, along the lines of "Wow it's hot out."  Facebook is good for a variety of medium-length posts.  I tend to rant on about politics or the Mets there.  I'm hoping that here, I'll write more about music than anything else.  Some posts will be short, others won't.

Thinking about the old blog, I don't think there's a way for me to leave a forwarding address.  I can't write "We've moved to ____; please visit our other locations at ____.  Thank you for your business." - you know, those signs you see when a store is hoping to retain you as a customer.  Then again, I'm not exactly a regular poster, so like those stores with seemingly random hours (and I've seen them!), if you knew I was there, you'll follow me here....

While I'm at it:  I've been reading a bit more these days:  Zen in the Art of Archery and I'm still working on Neuromancer.   That, and writing a piece for the Ondes Martenot, but I'll leave that for another post.